Be Lake Friendly

How To Be More Lake Friendly

The key to being more Lake Friendly is being mindful of the many pollutants we use in our daily lives and how they might be going into our storm drains and catch basins as polluted urban runoff during a storm. Stormwater collects debris, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants as it flows over our streets, sidewalks and lawns—then drains directly into the Las Vegas Wash and Lake Mead without any treatment at all.

Tips & Facts

By following some of these tips, Las Vegas residents can significantly reduce pollutants and debris in our stormwater and be a little more friendly to Lake Mead:

Use fertilizers sparingly, or consider using organic fertilizers. Many plants do not need as much fertilizer or need it as often as you might think.

Take your car to a commercial car wash. Most car washes reuse wash water several times before sending it to the sewer system for treatment.

Check your vehicle for leaks and spills and make repairs as soon as possible. Never dispose of oil or other engine fluids down the storm drain.

If you perform your own automotive maintenance, always recycle your used motor oil and fluids at either an auto parts store or at a certified hazardous waste facility.

Clean up after your pets. Dispose of pet waste immediately in a trash can, and never in the storm drain.

Before beginning a home repair project, locate the nearest storm drains and protect them from debris and other materials. Sweep up and properly dispose of construction debris.


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